Plotinus Plinlimmon

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Accumulation: act, amount, between capital.

Capitalist case:
change children. Circulation.

Class, commodities,
conditions constant.


Day different, division does

(Employed England, English, etc.)

(Even exchange!)

Fact: factory first form. (General.)

Given gold, great!
Hand himself hours!

However: human increase,
individual industry itself,
kind labour,
labourers, law...

(Less London!)

Machine, machinery, man, manufacture material.

May means, men. Money.

Must nature, necessary, new, now number own part per persons?

Place: population, power.

pp: price process.

Produce product (production):
quantity, relation;
report result.

Social surplus system:
take, therefore, things;
thus, time.

Total trade: two value wages, whole,
without work.

Workers. Working. Years.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Enigma of the Gift

Among ancestors, another baruya.

Between cannot case certain chief.

Circulate, clan!

Come, debt!

Does even exchange exist?

Fact: family.

First, forest; form functions.

Gifts give, given giving.

Gods, goods, groups.

Hand: hau. (Having humans, imaginary individuals, itself.)

Kula kwaimatnie.

Life. Lineage.
Man? Mauss?

May means: men. Money.

Must nature, new, now number objects?

Obligation, once order, origin, others, own part people?

Persons, pigs, place.
Point? Potlatch.

Present principle = real reality relations, relationship.

Return, right?

Sacred seems,
since social society
something spirits, symbolic,
take themselves;
therefore, things;
thus, time;

Two use, used, valuable wealth.

Without woman, women.

Words. World.