Plotinus Plinlimmon

Sunday, June 19, 2005

A History of the Cost of Living

So, science of the cathexis. Who could explain it? And after all what would be the cause after all this time, measured by striations of dust, for a libidinal attachment to the fact of reviewing, of asserting comments, measuring out thoughts destined for ears willing and unwilling? The problem as ever remains one of distribution. Better to make a map of your thoughts and then travel. You report as though anyone were listening, as though anyone could possibly care.

Spring for the unabridged edition.

Believe it or not the Moravians keep coming up. Classical musicians, founders of the American Bethlehem, transmogrified brethren of the free spirit, pre-hussite protestants.

Science in a Tavern

Give up on the potlatch era. Some of us will encourage the generation of statistically improbable phrases. They are just waiting to die. We'll ask the fathers and they'll pass on an inscrutable word. The earth hums regardless of tears. It's just a blueeyed boston boy. Discover my past emptying out cigar boxes and consecrate burnt photographs to sky guys I can't imagine, toxic smoke of a new kind scalding my longs. I'll tickle your catastrophe if you tickle mine.

Grabber pan with strap. Set eyes on northern territory. Little figures, household gods, teraphim, lares and penates, a pornography trap, a spider, today had no purpose any way or did it? Maybe not to me.

Know the value of your timber crop.