Plotinus Plinlimmon

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Enigma of the Gift

Among ancestors, another baruya.

Between cannot case certain chief.

Circulate, clan!

Come, debt!

Does even exchange exist?

Fact: family.

First, forest; form functions.

Gifts give, given giving.

Gods, goods, groups.

Hand: hau. (Having humans, imaginary individuals, itself.)

Kula kwaimatnie.

Life. Lineage.
Man? Mauss?

May means: men. Money.

Must nature, new, now number objects?

Obligation, once order, origin, others, own part people?

Persons, pigs, place.
Point? Potlatch.

Present principle = real reality relations, relationship.

Return, right?

Sacred seems,
since social society
something spirits, symbolic,
take themselves;
therefore, things;
thus, time;

Two use, used, valuable wealth.

Without woman, women.

Words. World.


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