Plotinus Plinlimmon

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Arkville is not too far from here. Michael Ayrton apparently built a labyrinth there. I wonder if his axe had two heads.

It's speculated that the explosion of Thera destroyed Minoan civilization. In Jaynes' book he speculates that this was the historical moment that provoked breakdown of the bicameral mind.

Are there angels on the almost full moon from whom we can learn Enochian? Or only rabbits?

Dee wrote the preface to the first English Euclid. What is the connection between geometry and speaking with angels?

I'm looking out for the Delectable Mountain. It might be in Tangiers.

Both Charles Olson and Lorine Niedecker had copies of Brooks Adams' "Law of Civilization and Decay" in their libraries. It's probably a Pound connection.

The music of Jajouka is suspected to be, not an imitation of the rituals of Saturnalia, but a collateral descendent of the same ancestor. I have observed these birching rites on the streets of Prague as well.

Birds, bees, cigarette trees. We do not look for the essence of tree, as tree, in any of the specific trees around us. Nor in four trees upon a solitary acre.

When was the siege of Acre? Where is the holy city? Who drew the line and what hex broke it?


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